Why Buy Pre-Owned?

What are the advantages of buying pre-owned luxury handbags?


Buying pre-owned comes with plenty of benefits, with one of the main ones being that you can money. Beyond that, here are some of the other perks that you can take advantage of when you opt for pre-owned:


  1. You can save up to 40% to 60% off the retail price of your dream designer item. Generally speaking, buying a pre-owned designer handbag will be at a lower cost compared to purchasing it directly from a designer in most cases.
  2. Searching for a specific bag that's rare or no longer in production? The pre-owned market is the perfect place to search!
  3. Show off your unique sense of style with a vintage designer handbag. From vintage Gucci bags to luxury pre-owned Louis Vuitton handbags from the 1990s, carrying a vintage handbag is always on-trend.
  4. Looking to replace your current handbag with a used designer handbag without spending a ton of money? We’ve made that an easy solution with Label Society’s trade-in-your-bag process.



Shop in a more responsible and sustainable manner. When you buy pre-owned, you’re giving new life into a handbag that will last you for many years to come!