Louis Vuitton Horizon Earphones

Retail Price: $1,120.00
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These Louis Vuitton Wireless Headphones are in like new condition. Come with all accessories.

Detailed Features

25 x 22.2 x 28.3 mm

  • Fluorescent yellow polished acetate body. Steel circular brushed studs with black LV initials. Black “Vuitton” signature
  • Silicone ear tips and fit wings
  • Sound: 10 mm Beryllium drivers
  • Weight: 9 g for each earphone
  • Microphone type: omni-directional, MEMS technology enabling call answer, 2 microphones per earphone
  • Proximity sensor enabling the automatic play/pause
  • Functions: play/pause, skip forward/skip back, volume control, ambient listening and active noise-cancelling modes, call answer and quick access to voice assistant through control buttons located on each earphone. Each earphone can be used independently for call and listening functions
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth* 5.0, connectivity distance up to 30+ meters
  • Water resistance: IPX5
  • Charging: the earphones are delivered with a charging kit including a wireless charging case and a USB-C cable
  • The charging case can be charged in two ways, with a USB-C cable or by induction (compatible with the Qi** wireless charging standard)
  • Charging time for earphones and charging case: 50% battery in 15 minutes and 100% battery in 40 minutes
  • Up to 10 hours in classic listening mode with a single charge

*Please see photos attached for a better visualization of the item description*


Condition Chart



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  • If your lining gets dirty or in case of superficial stains, we recommend that you wipe it with a soft and light-colored cloth.
  • In order to protect your product when you are not using it, store it in the felt protective pouch provided.
  • Taking proper care of your Louis Vuitton product will allow you to fully appreciate its beauty for many years.
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