How It Works

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Our Purchasing Process

We give competitive offers when you sell designer handbags for cash and make it easy for you to buy and sell designer handbags with us.

  • Submit Photos

    Fill Out Our Sell Now Form With High Quality Photos of Your Item

  • Price Quote

    Submit Our Form and Receive an Offer Within 1-2 Business Days

  • Shipping

    Print the Pre-Paid Shipping Label & Send Your Item In OR Bring Your Item To Our Store

  • Get Paid

    Once Your Item is Processed, Get Paid Via PayPal, Check, or In-Store Credit

Check Our Tips To Sell Designer Handbags

Tips to get the most when you sell handbags online:

  • 1. Include All The Accessories

    Sell handbags with original accessories and packaging. (straps, pouch, box, dug bag, guarantee card, receipt, etc.)

  • 2. Sell Sooner Rather Than Later

    If you no longer use your designer items, sell them to us ASAP to get the most value for them.

  • 3. Group Selling

    If you have multiple items to sell, submit them together to and we can make an offer on the lot or specific items we want.

How We Determine Offer Price For Your Designer Handbags

  • Factors That Determine Offer Price

    When determining an offer price for your luxury handbag items, we consider several key factors. One of the main considerations is the item's retail price, as well as the current market price and it's availability.

    Trends are constantly changing which is why we take all these things into consideration when making you an offer for your designer goods. We will only make an offer on items we deem fit to sell to our customers.

  • Item Condition

    The overall condition of your designer handbags play a major role in whether or not we choose to buy or consign your item, and the price that we are willing to buy or consign it for.

    When submitting your item, be sure to include photos of any areas of damage as well as letting us know in the comments about anything not visible, such as odors or missing parts.

Tips For Cleaning Handbags Made From Different Materials

Leather Materials

When cleaning items made of leather or leather detailing, be extra cautious. Most Louis Vuitton handbags have Vachetta leather handles and trim, patina will naturally occur over time due to exposure to sunlight, moisture, and natual oils present on your hands or skin. It is not recommended to try to clean or get stains out of this leather as it will darken the treated area.

Canvas Materials

Canvas is generally ok to wipe down using a damp cloth or water based wipe to remove dirt and oil. We recommend doing a small test area first to ensure no color transfer or damage is occuring to the material. Avoid leather areas.

Exotic Skins

It is not recommended to clean any sort of exotic skin designer item with any type of chemical cleaner. Wiping it down with a dry microfiber wipe to remove dust and surface dirt is ok but anything else can cause damage to the surface and ruin it.

We will not make an offer on items that show excessive signs of use. Although pre-owned are not perfect, we prefer to only buy and sell gently used items.