Chanel Quilted Flap Handbag Brooch Metallic Green & Gold

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Excellent condition, no major signs of wear. Comes with original box.

This limited edition CHANEL quilted flap handbag brooch with a micro gold chain detail is the perfect accessory to dress up any outfit. Pin it to your favorite jacket or blouse for an instant touch of style. Shop authentic, pre-owned handbags and accessories at Label Society!

Detailed Features

2" L x .25 W x 1.5" H

  • Metallic dark green color resin 
  • Gold colored hardware
  • Gold chain detail 


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Condition Chart



To keep your Chanel product pristine as the years pass, we recommend following these guidelines for its care:

  • Beware not to scratch or rub your product against abrasive surfaces, especially the leather trim.
  • Keep your product away from damp or humid environments and avoid direct exposure to sunlight, keep your product away from any direct source of heat (radiators, car interiors overheated by the sun, etc.).
  • Avoid contact with greasy substances, cosmetics, perfume, and hydroalcoholic solutions, as well as any material (magazines, other leathers, etc.) that may transfer their colored pigments onto the product.
  • Keep your product away from water. Should it get wet or dirty on the surface, dry with a lint free, light-colored, absorbent cloth. Never use soap or solvent.
  • If your lining gets dirty or in case of superficial stains, we recommend that you wipe it with a soft and light-colored cloth.
  • In order to protect your product when you are not using it, store it in the felt protective pouch provided.
  • Taking proper care of your CHANEL item will allow you to fully appreciate its beauty for many years.
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